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    Межблок Monster Cable Z Series Z100i(1 метр) 
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    Продам отличный межблок Monster Cable Z Series Z100i. Разьёмы RCA. Длина 1 метр. Сделан в USA.Разделка фирменная. Естественно оригинальный! Состояние оплетки хорошее. На фирменных липких разьёмах есть потертости, не хватает нескольких резиновых колечек.Это был топовый межблок этой линейки до появления Z200i. Детальный, с отличной серединкой и мощным басом. Ровный межблок без всяких перекосов в звуке и отсебятины. Масса фирменных технологий Monster Cable в нем использована -

    Z Series: When Compromise is Out of the Question
    Whether youve already put together yourdream teamof equipment or havetaken that crucial step of buying your first audiophile gear, choosing theright cables can be a daunting task. How do you know when good is good enough?Bringing every piece together in perfect harmony can be confusing, to say theleast.Underbuying` is all too common and can keep you from getting the mostout of your system.
    Cutting Edge Technologies for the Truly Discriminating: Bandwidth BalancedConstruction with Extra Heavy Gauge Bass Conductors and HDP Dielectric
    Tying it all together requires something special - Z Series® Interconnects.With extra-heavy gauge low and mid frequency conductors for added poweralongside dedicated high frequency windings, Z100is Bandwidth Balanced ®technology brings sonic depth, accuracy and power to every signal. SpecialMicroFiber®-wrapped MultiTwist® windings and Time Correct® constructionbring out every detail by minimizing inter transient noise, improving dynamicrange and reducingdispersive time smear.All Z Series interconnects comesheathed in a 100% copper mylar foil hugged tightly by a 95% braided copperinner jacket for the ultimate rejection of outside noise and interference. Addto this our innovative HDP™ (high density polymer) insulator for vastlyimproved signal transfer and dramatically reduced dielectric losses. Wrap itall in a black nylon mesh outer jacket and youve got an audiophile cable thatsounds and looks great.
    Detailed Specifications:
    Extra heavy low & mid frequency conductors for more powerful bassand mid-range.
    3-Way Bandwidth Balanced® construction for smoother, more accuratesound.
    MicroFiber® dielectrics for the absolute lowest possible noise floor.
    HDP™ insulator for super fast signal transfer & dramaticallyreduced dielectric losses.
    Time Correct®, multiple-gauge wire networks for pinpoint sonicaccuracy.
    MultiTwist® construction rejects audio bandwidth distortions forgreater clarity.
    Double shielding of 100% copper/mylar foil & 95% copper braid forgreater rejection of EM & RF interference.

    Отправлю по России любой почтовой или транспортной компанией за ваш счёт.

    Пишите в личку или на почту
    Звоните 89814230686 Виктор
    Город Череповец
    Цена - 6000 рублей

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    Re: Межблок Monster Cable Z Series Z100i(1 метр) 
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    Легендарный межблок всего за 6000 рублей
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